Number Bonds

We have been enjoying a new maths activity that we have been using as a warm up- magnetic number bonds! We have to create different ways to make each number e.g. to make 5 we made 2+3. This is a great activity to recap our groupings under 20.

Room 11

With everyone at school today we thought we should have an updated photo of Room 11.

Piwakawaka Fitness

We have started our junior team fitness rotations. Today the five activities included some throwing skills, balancing, learning how to skip, a game of duck-duck goose and games with hula hoops. These rotations will be happening on Thursdays and Fridays if the weather is nice. We will be aiming to change up some activities every…

Hula Hoop teamwork

We have been getting outside for fitness with the warmer weather we are having. Here we are learning some teamwork skills as we try get the hoop to the end of the line, using no hands.

Harold booklets

Today we started to work on our activity pack we received from Harold. We are going to bring these home to finish.

Thank you Room 13

Last week we made cards for Room 13 to thank them for the activities they had organised for us. We wrote about our favourite activity and delivered it to read to our buddy. It was a nice ending to the term. We hope everyone enjoys their holiday!