Future Careers

We wrote about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Today we made art to be displayed with our stories. We will have some great future workers! Come check them out on display!

Swimming Races

Today the lanes were up in the pool, ready for swimming sports. This was a good opportunity for some fun races, practising our kicking skills. Room 11 & 12 did a great job and had lots of fun!

Goal setting

On Friday we did some artwork around goal setting. We had to think of a learning area in the classroom that we wanted to improve in. We want to remember our goals so that we can work hard to achieve them. Come check them out on display! Some great goals from Room 11 students!


We are learning all about Measurement when we have Mrs Corrigan in our class. Here we are using cubes to measure things from around the classroom.

Growth Mindset

In Rooms 11 & 12 we are learning to have a ‘can do attitude’. We want to keep trying and not give up when learning gets hard. We use these sayings within our classroom: We dont say “I cant, we say I can” We dont say “I dont know, we say I’ll give it a…

Bucket Filling

Rooms 11 & 12 have been learning about bucket filling. This is about showing kindess and respect to others. When we fill other people’s buckets, we fill our own at the same time!


Rooms 11 & 12 were very excited to use our new equipment today. The purpose of this time is to design and create different things in teams using our imaginations. We saw some clever creations such as a rocket, made by Tyler, Amul & Brodie. It was great to see the teamwork and relationships building…