Descriptive Writing

Room 11 have had a writing focus of using their imaginations and descriptive words to make their stories more interesting. I am so so impressed with the stories the kids are now writing! Here is the picture we used today to build our descriptive language with some great stories. Ruby K Seb Kasey Riley

A &P Show Art

Here is Rooms 11 & 12’s artwork that we did for the A&P show. The theme was ‘royal’ and a colour scheme of blue, red and white. Well done to Ruby Keene who won third prize!


We have been doing some statistics in Room 11 when Mrs Corrigan is in. We have been learning how tally marks in a table can present information more clearly. We have also made pictograms using our tally charts. “We have been learning about ‘tally marks’. We use tally marks as another way of writing numbers”….

Piwakawaka syndicate

Another fun filled block focussing on motor skills and striving to succeed. We even had Mr Byers on one of our stations. He said it was “the highlight of his week”. It was great to see the Room nine children helping their junior peers.

Number Bonds

We have been enjoying a new maths activity that we have been using as a warm up- magnetic number bonds! We have to create different ways to make each number e.g. to make 5 we made 2+3. This is a great activity to recap our groupings under 20.

Room 11

With everyone at school today we thought we should have an updated photo of Room 11.