Cupcake fun

We had good fun designing our cupcakes and creating toppings and fillings. Then we wrote about them using our imaginations and descriptive words. We are very pleased with the result.

Gumboot Day

Room 11 & 12 support Gumboot day! A reminder to wear gumboots on Friday (if you have them) and to bring a gold coin donation. This a positive and fun way for our school to raise money for kids counseling!

Te Reo Rainbow Poems

We have been learning the colours in Te Reo. On Thursday we wrote poems using the Te Reo colours of the rainbow. We were aiming to include a describing word for each coloured thing we came up with. On Friday we created a rainbow collage. Pop into the class and check these out! There were…

Newspaper Art

Rooms 11 & 12 had to reuse newspaper and create animals. Check our creations out!

Tuakana Teina

This week Rooms 11 & 12 started our Tuakana Teina with Rooms 1 & 2. After choosing libary books on Friday, we meet our buddy classes and read our stories. Great to see relationships building between the four classrooms!

Libary Art

Miss Trow and and Mrs Corrigan have asked for some classroom art to decorate the libary. This was to be based on a book. Our big book of the week was called ‘Eggs, Eggs, Eggs’ so we decorated egg warmers.