Wetlands Walk

We’ve had a great start back to the school term and welcomed in 8 new friends to Room 11. To finish off some Autumn learning, on Friday we went for our walk around the wetlands. During this walk we had to think about what we could see, hear, smell and feel. There were lots of…

Ruben the Road Safety Bear

This week we had a special visit from Ruben the Road Safety Bear to teach us how to be safe while near or on a road. There was lots of great learning to take away from this session. We followed this learning up by using the height chart we were given to check our measurements…

Autumn Silhouettes

We have been learning about the four different seasons, discussing what happens in each of them. We have particularly focused on Autumn and the changes we see, feel etc. Earlier on in the week the bigger kids took on the challenge and used their learning from these discussion to write an acrostic poem relating to…


On Friday afternoon we watched a guided video to complete a drawing of a robot, just like we had for cat and the hat since we enjoyed this so much. This week we then designed our own and had to write about what our robot does.

Sneaky Snakes

Our poem of the week was called ‘Sneaky Snake’ about a snake who was snoozing in a shoe. This gave us great inspiration to write about. We followed on by designing our own snakes. All the amazing colours and patterns on the snakes look great hanging up!

Assembly Performance

Today we had our class performance at assembly where we sang ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. The teachers were very proud of everyone’s efforts as it can be a scary thing to perform in front of the whole school. Great job Room 11!


This week Chloe W brought in one of her books from home about a piwakawaka (fantail). We thought this was a great chance to do some art around Piwakawaks as this relates to our team name. To do this we learnt how to draw the bird step by step. Of course to go with our…


Last Friday we had an icecream party to finish off a week of hard work. This linked in to our shared reading of ‘The Giant’s Icecream’ and poem of the week. Before we ate our treats we worked on an activity and discussed our five senses- taste, touch, smell, hear and see relating to icecream….

Jessica’s Rabbits

On Thursday morning Jessica surprised the class with bringing in her two rabbits. Everyone got to have a pat and ask questions to learn more about them. They were very friendly! It was a nice start to our day. Thank you to Jessica and her Dad for the nice surprise.

Cat in the Hat

After reading Cat in the Hat and completing our step by step guided drawing from a video we then had to draw our own. We used a picture as a guide to help us remember the details we needed to include. Our writing to go with it is rhyming words we came up with. We…